I'm the hippo that you don't want to fuck with.

Shot at Carrik-a-rede Bridge. Young chaps and old folks.

A tribute to the movie <Prestige>

Photography and art direction by yours truly.


Photography and styling by yours truly.

Photography/Styling/Art Direction: Yours Truly

Hair/Makeup: SiHan Yang

Modeling: Holly Pearson & Daria Zolotaryova

Assitance:  @lightchaser & Rick Xiao

Photography:   @lightchaser & yours truly

Art Direction/Styling: yours truly

Modeling: Dasha Layber, Liz, Margau Lee


Photography by  @lightchaser 

Styling/Art direction by yours truly.

Modeing by: Kelly Chan/Polina Korobova

Photography/Art Direction/Styling by yours truly.

Modeling: Diya Prabhakar/Laura Toth/David Portwood

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